Friday, November 11, 2011

One of My Favorite Scenes

I'm going to spend the entire post sharing one of my favorite scenes with two of my favorite subs. I'm not going to share everything, but I'm going to give you all a glimpse into my world as a Dom, okay? I'm changing their name b/c I can and plus to protect their privacy.

I met Amy and Trevor through Jerome. He had been Amy's Dom before she married Trevor, who is an officer in the military. Amy thought that since Trevor was in the service and an officer that that meant he was Dom...he was not.

So Jerome introduced them to me, because of the fact that I love having two subs, but because I love helping marriages and relationships strengthen in order to cut down on divorce and break-ups (as is evidenced by this thread). So, when I first talked to Amy and Trevor the first thing I asked them was what was their safe word.

Amy: Pineapple.
Trevor: You're allergic to Pineapple.
Amy: That's why it's my safe word.
Trevor: Okay then, Nuts, since I'm allergic to nuts.

I tried not to laugh, I really did. I actually had to lower my head, because when he said he was allergic to nuts, my mind sprinted into the gutter and I almost said "God I LOVE the taste of nuts in my mouth." Hehehe.

Anyway, Amy, Trevor and I found out what was completely off limits for them.

Amy: Humiliation.
Trevor: I don't want anyone pissing on me or taking a dump on me.
Me: Eeww, gross.
Amy: Yeah, that for me too.

So we decided that we'd give it a try. We all pulled out our day planners to figure out when we'd get together to have a "scene." Amy and Trevor had three kids, so we were going to have to get together when the kids were in school and Trevor could come home from the base on lunch or when he had one of those rare days off.

Our very first scene I only brought my paddle and restraints and three plugs (remember I had a female, they have two holes). We didn't get into much, but I did get a chance to see exactly what they liked and what they didn't. Trevor loved to be spanked, Amy loved being tied up.

My favorite scene was the one in which I got to use a switch, a cane, a paddle, my flogger, and best of all Little Big Vic (*tear*) on the both of them and then watch as they made love with each other. I would sometimes have them tied up side by side, that day I tied them to each other. The next morning I asked them what they thought about the scene before. The different scenes I'd used, the fact that they were tied together. I asked them if they thought I'd gone too far with using the different toys all over their body. How they felt about the nipple clamps and me spanking their nipples while they were clamped at the same time.

I asked how they felt about all of the marks on their body, especially the ones that I'd put on their asses and the spanking that I'd given their genitals. They loved it. They loved the moment when I sat on the other side of the room and then talked Trevor into spanking Amy and then when I held onto Amy's head as she gave Trevor a blowjob. Trevor even loved it when I was in him while he was in Amy.

That next morning is when they both told me that they'd never felt as close with each other as they had that night before. It was amazing, for all three of us. I was so sad to see them move to Washington a few months after that.

The Dom/sub relationship is one that is about more than just discipline and rules and guidelines and safe words, it's about feeling and emotion and all of the people involved becoming better versions of themselves. Each person involved helps the other, give and take is involved for everyone and best of all, if done right, everyone gets off in some way.

Hugz, Squeezes, and Spankings!

The Dom


  1. Gah, there you go mentioning the switch again... and I still don't know what it is after googling it and everything. :P

  2. Daniel, I call it the switch but some people call it "caning." Switch was the term that Jerome and I used because of how the ones we used looked and how we were whipped with them as kids. But yeah, others call them canes.

  3. Really Kat? Most of the subs that I've been with really enjoy them, but that might be because I don't really wield them all that hard.

  4. Bad experience, Vic...
    There wasn't any pleasure in it for me, it was simply beating and it was horrible... Sash and I are working on my cane issues, but it's not easy...

  5. Gotcha. That's why you have to be so hyper-vigilant when you get involved with a Dom and especially when it comes to using canes and stuff. I'm sorry that happened to you sweetz. Hopefully Sash will be able to help you work through that.

    BTW, I saw you experienced Shibari and loved it. I'm going to do a post about it next week.

  6. Yep, I loved Shibari, I've never in my whole life experienced something as intense. It was WOW!!!
    I was so deep in subspace I don't even remember how Sash brought me home...

  7. That's awesome. I can't wait to find a few subs (I want two now) so I can get back into that. *Looks at Daniel and winks*

  8. A sub would be lucky to get you as Dom :) Hmmm, perhaps Daniel could move to NY some day...

  9. Aawww thanks sweetz. I'm trying to get Daniel to move here to NY so he can be with me and be my sub. LOL.

  10. Ooo... I missed all these comments.

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, Kat. I guess that's one of the reasons I've been nervous to start contacting doms... heck, not just doms, any guy on the internet (because let's face it, that's the only real way to meet guys in this town).

    I've been looking at trying to move away to a bigger city for a while now. Managed to escape last year while I was at Uni, but lack of employment forced me back again. When I get some money, moving abroad would definitely be something to consider. Until then, a holiday in NY sounds like a good idea ;)

    Do you have fetish clubs there? I've always had a fantasy about going to one, and being a sub around other people. I dunno why, the thought just really turns me on.

  11. Yes we do have fetish clubs here in New York. I mean New York is like the melting pot for fetishes here in America. I think it would be fun to see you "subbing" around a bunch of strangers in a fetish club.


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