Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bend Over and Take It

There's no new post just yet.....

I know you're impatient, but give me a minute here.

As a matter of fact, I can always restrain you until I'm ready for you to read my new post.

Is that what you'd like?


Well then, you can always bend over and just take the lashes while I finish what I have to do.

The Dom


  1. YAY Spankings!!! More please, I want more, pretty please ;P

  2. You know I'd happily bend over and take the lashes ;)

  3. Only the crop and flogger? Surely you can do better than that, V :P

  4. Well....I'm saving the whip and wooden spoon and paddle and the switch for later....

  5. What is a switch? I've heard it mentioned before but have no idea what it is? Maybe you could do a post on that?

  6. That's actually what I was going to do Daniel. Are you in my head now?

  7. Well, that depends. Are you also thinking about what position would be best to tie me up in? If so, then yes, I am in your head :P

  8. Yes, you are in my head. Are you enjoying yourself there? Just ignore the copious amounts of twinks and muscled, tatted cowboys/firemen/policemen/military men and athletes in there that are also tied up....


Bend over and take the spanking!