Sunday, November 13, 2011

Laid Up

I'm laid up in bed right now because I sprained my ankle yesterday.

Fun for me.

So I'm going to spend the day writing and playing the Sims 3.

BTW, my birthday is Wednesday, just FYI.


  1. Vic! It's my birthday this week too. Happy birthday and remember, a sprained ankle doesn't keep you from enjoying birthday cake... or doing stuff that requires you to sit back and relax. ;)

  2. LOL!!! Happy birthday to you as well Patty! My adopted family is getting me cake and ice cream on Wednesday which is awesome, but as far as sitting back and relaxing? *Squirm* I don't do that very well. The Dom needs to be engaged in stuff. LOL.

  3. Get better soon *hugs*
    I wrote your birthday into my calendar so I won't forget :)


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