Friday, December 9, 2011

Sex: An Awesome Position for M/F and One for M/M

So we've been focusing A LOT on the BDSM Lifestyle, blame the fact that I'm "The Dom" and that I've got two pretty awesome subs who agreed to manage this blog with me and let's just say that this blog took a definite "veer".

But a relationship isn't all whips, chains, ballgags, spankings, nipple clamps, canes, floggers, handcuffs, spreader bars and Dominance and submission (but if it were.........). There's also sex, there are toys and yes, sometimes there is even poker (or whatever game you like to play).

So I'm remembering the very reason I started the thread on GR and why I decided to bring it to the blog here. I wanted to put a face to "The Dom" out there in the books, answer questions and make people more aware of just how safe, and deep and intimate the Dom/sub relationship actually was, when both parties are honest, aware and safe themselves. I also wanted to help couples spice up their relationships through new positions, toys and games.

So remembering that this post today is two different positions...sexual positions. One is for a M/F couple, the other is M/M (because I'm a dude and my future partner/husband/sub/person will be/is...well a dude too-LOL), obviously.

The positions are pretty much self-explanatory and even describes why they are enjoyable, but if you have questions, I've done both of these positions with exes and I have no problem answering your questions for you.

So here we go. The first one is "The X-Position" (for M/F)

X Position

How to: Start fully inserted, with her facing you in the woman astride position. Move your hands out to the sides of your bodies and have her lie back between your legs, which should be adjusted so that they "scissor" hers. Slow, leisurely movements will provide enough stimulation to make up for the lack of thrusting power. 

Switch it up: Either of you can sit up to change positions without disturbing the action. 

Perfect for: Prolonged, slow sex to build her arousal.

The second position is for our M/M couples out there:

The pelvic tilt

It’s a slow love position – and the prostate sensation is great. Build it into the earlier stages of your next sex session, or, if you’re aiming for simultaneous orgasms, switch to it as you’re nearing the end.
The bottom can either fall back to be penetrated, or, while the top kneels, he can squat over him to sit on the penis before lying down.
The top then begins with a slow, rocking motion, driven only through the pelvis, with the emphasis on finding the depth. He’s free to stroke and masturbate his partner, but should avoid bringing him too close to orgasm – unless it’s nearing the end and the top is ready for orgasm too.
There is some scope for increasing the pace, though much less manoeuverability than you would have kneeling. When you want to go faster, that’s when to change position.
The bottom might choose to relax and simply receive, or, with a little effort, push himself up and down onto the shaft, working his anus against the root. As ever, explore variations. With a few minutes’ practice you’ll find yourselves understanding and anticipating the other’s movements. Stay sensitive to what he's doing and fluency is easily achieved.


  1. Oh, I like those ... *sends link off to hubby*

  2. Now, I feel all left out - where's the F/F version ;o)

    (ok, so the M/F one can be adapted with some imagination and a toy or two...)


  3. *Gasp* Kate!!!!! I totally forgot. Oh man I'm sorry. I will put up two for you tomorrow. *slaps hand against forehead* I was thinking about the positions and got to the M/M one and seriously, barely remembered to post this I was so....*cough* distracted.

    I'll do a special Saturday one for you.

    The Dom

  4. LOL - thank you!
    It's so easy to get distracted when researching :o) .... erm... yes... that might have happened to my blog post yesterday....


  5. LOL. No worries Kate. With Daniel in my life now, I stay distracted. Since I'm still up I will go ahead and get my post ready now.

    Research is so much fun. Until it starts to fuck shit up. LOL.


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